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Thanks to our knowledge of cultivation, production, quality systems and productdevelopment guaranties that our freshly processed products meet the highest standards.

HAKHAK  A wide range of vegetables is available in 210 ml, 370 ml and 720 ml glass jar sizes.

Jonker FrisJONKER FRIS  The vegetables are available in cans of 425 ml and 850 ml sizes.

Beetroot, sliced
Beetroot, sticks
Broad Beans, extra fine
Brussels Sprouts
Carrots, diced
Carrots, extra fine
Corn, young
Green Beans, fine broken
Green Beans, sliced
Green Beans, whole
Haricots Verts, extra fine
Kale, curly
Peas, extra fine
Peas, very fine
Peas-Carrots, extra fine
Peas-Carrots, fine
Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage with pieces of Apples
Spinach, leave cut
Spinach, puree
Young Marrowfats
Sliced Beans/White Beans

Vegetables in creamy sauce:
Endive, creamy
Leek, creamy
Spinach, creamy

Fennel - Garden Broad Beans
Cut Beans - Celeriac Beans
Salsifies - Spring Onion
MiXxx Wrinkle Cut
MiXxx Balls


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