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We produce an extensive range of pulses, natural and in sauces. Pulses are very healthy. They can also be used in soups and stews and are an important source of protein and iron for vegetarians.

HAKHAK  The pulses under the HAK brand are available in glass jars of 210 ml, 370 ml and 720 ml sizes.

Jonker FrisJONKER FRIS  The cans of JONKER FRIS are available in 425 ml and 850 ml.

Brown Beans
Cannellini Beans
Chick Peas
Chilli Beans
Great Northern Beans
Lentils, Potherbs
Lima Beans
Marrowfat Peas
Navy Beans
Pulses in Sauce
Red Kidney Beans
White Beans
White Beans, Potherbs
Yellow Peas
Yellow Peas, Potherbs

Bean Meals:
Chilli con Carne
Marrowfats with Mango
Mexican Beans with Corn
Old Dutch recipe with Mushrooms


by HeadNets