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The applesauce exists from a mix of several types of apples. The types are carefully selected to guarantee a good quality.

HAKHAK  Next to applesauce and compote, there is a new variety on the market tailored to the taste of kids: MoeZzz, sweet and soft, in 3 different varieties: apple, apple-strawberry, apple-banana.

Jonker FrisJONKER FRIS  Applesauce available in both cans and jars.

Applesauce extra quality

Apple Compote
Apricots Compote
Rhubarb Compote

MoeZzz Apple,
delicious soft / extra quality
MoeZzz Apple-Strawberry,
delicious soft / extra quality
MoeZzz Apple-Banana,
delicious soft / extra quality


by HeadNets